Ensuring quality health care and gaining patients satisfaction are the primary objective of any healthcare facility. Healthcare facilitators try to access the patient satisfaction feedback because it tells them how the health system is performing and how they can improve the quality of care.

Why are patients feedback collected?

​Patients satisfaction feedback are important for hospital authority. From the patient feedback analysis, Hospital authority can know about:

  • ​If the patients are happy with the caregiver's communication.
  • Do patients like their healthcare facility or not.
  • Experience of their care.
  • The type of problems occurring in hospitals.
  • Whether a problem occurs more or less frequently over time and the types of people who seem most likely to experience it.
  • Would patients recommend the hospital to friends and family? ETC.

Use of Patients feedback data

Patients feedback primarily used to improve the quality of care. The problems addressed in feedbacks helps to find the solutions. These data are used to improve facility by

  • Preventing the overuse, under-utilization, and misuse of health services and ensure patient safety.
  • Keeping the care providers responsible for providing high-quality care.
  • Identifying effective and ineffective resources in a healthcare facility—to drive improvement.
  • Identifying the best technique of delivering care to ensure health outcome.
  • Using previous patient feedback data to facilitate informed choice for patients.

How to Collect Patient Feedback? 

​A national survey called the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers Systems (HCAHPS) is one of the best ways of learning about the patient feedback. These surveys can be conducted by mail, telephone, online or electronically with portable or other devices. Perhaps, One of the best methods of collecting patient satisfaction feedback is using online/web-based gamified solutions. Many renowned healthcare organizations in the USA, especially in California are using "Wambi" platform for this purpose. Wambi's unique and gamified platform aims to improve the patient feedback mechanism for healthcare providers and help them analyze real-time data and design strategies to maintain their facility as a health center. Wambi is using a standardized survey format such as the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS).Wambi believes, to improve the overall patient experience a digital system has to be transparent, accountable and performance driven. These three criteria of a patient engagement system are must, to ensure optimum patient engagement. 

In conclusion, 'Good Patient Experience' and 'Good healthcare Quality' go hand-in-hand. So, nowadays, it is mandatory to get patients feedback. Using cutting-edge technologies can influence the whole process positively.