According to the last population estimation available, the number of Millennials in the USA is about 71 million. The millennial generation is expected to outpace the baby boomer population in the next year(2019). 

This group now accounts for the largest share of the US workforce and is expected to account for 75% by 2025.  This generation is more acceptive to changes and demands the continuous upgrade. That's why the hospitals should upgrade their existing employee engagement programs to engage millennials workforce properly. How can they do that? To answer the question, we must first know what they want.

Meeting Millennial Expectations

Millennials often referred to as the digital generation. Well, it is not wrong. They are tech-savvy, open to change and generally embrace technological change before anyone else. Millennia require a much more practical approach than previous generations. American Psychological Association (APA) Millennials are more likely to perform at high levels when they are connected to real-life situations. Their lifelong relation with technology gave them certain unique characteristics, such as: 

With these values shaping millennial behaviors, health care providers need to find better ways to engage them. If there is one universal way to engage today‚Äôs emerging generation, it is thru technology. Only a properly designed platform can play a role to meet their expectation. That's why the demand for a millennial healthcare solution is on the rise. 

The must-have features for Millennial Healthcare Solution

Meeting the needs of millennials is not easy. The solution must contain all the advanced features to meet all their requirements.  Such as: 

I already mentioned millennials love data. And they want the data processed in real time. So that it can help them to make last-minute decisions.  

They want the systems to be fun to use. Gamification features make a solution more engaging and fun to use.

Nowadays, peoples are using various gadgets. And they want to access a system from all those gadgets. That's why a system needs to be accessible from multiple platforms.

Healthcare facilities need tools to help them communicate with staff and visitors to ensure quick response times in emergencies. That's why a millennial healthcare solution must facilitate smart notifications.

They want to play their part perfectly to ensure compassionate care. In this process, you also want to know the patient's perception. It is therefore very important that millennial healthcare solution engages patients


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