Employee reward and recognition programs are the best way to increase employee engagement and performance and decrease turnover. According to Bersin & Associates, Companies with recognition programs that are highly effective at improving employee engagement have 31% lower voluntary turnover. But how you can run such programs? There are several ways to run such programs. One of the best ways is developing employee recognition points system. It provides the perfect platform for employee recognition. Especially in the healthcare industry where employees can be recognized by their patients directly. In an employee recognition point system, employees get points every time they do something appreciable. It provides a gamification feature on the employee engagement. After accumulating a certain amount of points, employees can redeem their points for gifts. Because of that healthcare employees feels motivated for their job. A well-designed healthcare employee recognition system allows patients to provide feedback on the care provider. Automatically, these feedbacks converted into points. So, these points are the indicators of patient satisfaction.

Wambi Makes Your Employee Recognition Program Easy

Wambi Platform allows patient feedback on Doctors and Nurse

Wambi is an employee quality management and recognition system for healthcare organizations and hospitals. Wambi platform has the performance-based point system which helps to recognize doctors and caregivers for their compassionate care. Accountability is one of the main characteristics of Wambi platform. Caregivers receive anonymous patient feedback through a gamified system that allows them to monitor their own progress. This system is helpful in providing unbiased, cumulative data for mandatory performance reviews. Hospital administration can track employees point which helps to run reward and recognition programs. Through the system patients and families fill out anonymous reviews on care providers which are reflected by points.

Wambi Helps you to bring compassion back to the forefront of healthcare

  • ​​Get Patient feedback on Care providers including anonymous feedback.
  • Assign points on employee performance.
  • Admins receive alerts when there is positive or negative feedback.
  • Management incentivizes individual and group KPIs through Awards.