Employee engagement has been one of the main concerns of business leaders for the past few years. This scenario is expected to continue in 2019. It is also predictable that business leaders will come up with new ideas and strategies in 2019 to engage their employees more effectively. Throughout the year, some trends in employee engagement will dominate and be paramount in engaging employees. Some existing strategies will get a new dimension in this sector. Let's discuss the trends that we think will be most effective in 2019.

Employee engagement trends that will matter most in 2019

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​1. Employee friendly work environment

​There was a time when employees of a workplace ware treated like slaves. In that time every decision was made by following the top-down approach. General employees had very little space to say anything. The scenario has changed over time. Nowadays, almost every business leaders are trying to create an environment which is more employee friendly. Ground level employees are participating in the decision-making process by sharing their thoughts with business leaders. In recent years, The creation of an informal environment has proven effective for the business outcome. Business leaders will continue this trend in 2019.

​2. Use of technology

The use of technology has been on the rise since the beginning of the 21st century. Some people may think this time use of technology will see its downfall. Actually, The use of technology will only increase in the coming years. Things like the use of real-time analytics, the application of gamified systems and big data will rise exponentially in 2019. Business leaders will focus more on gamification, this time they will do it via technology. Use of predictive analysis will reach a new horizon in employee engagement. Managers will rely on analytics in case of employee appreciation and accessing employee satisfaction.

3. Business leaders will focus more on engaging the millennials

In 2019, the population of millennials will outpace baby boomers. The millennial generation is expected to cover nearly 75% of the US workforce by 2025. That is why managers and business leaders will design employee engagement programs focusing on the Y generation. Managers will come up with engagement strategies which are more appealing to this generation.

​4. Use of social media in employee engagement will increase

The millennials are more used to social platforms than any other generations. People now want to share their happy moments with others through social media. Keeping this in mind, use of social platforms in employee engagement especially in employee appreciation will grow beyond expectation.

5. The more transparent conflict resolution process

​Office conflicts always ware and always will be a concerning issue for business leaders. Sometimes, higher authorities have to step into conflict management. If the process goes wrong, it results in employee dissatisfaction. Sometimes, on a massive scale. That is why managements nowadays are making their stands clear and steps transparent. This year, many large-scale businesses decide to make changes in their policies of conflict management. This trend will be followed in the coming years. Companies will become more transparent in conflict management and resolution process.

​6. Employee empowerment will increase

​Although empowering employees is not a brand new concept, it has been effective in increasing employee engagement. In 2019, organizations will apply this strategy, even in a slightly larger dimension. Business leaders will continue entrusting their employees with decision-making liberties.

7. Work-Life balance

You may hear people saying: people nowadays don't go to work, they go to war. Most of the American professionals are stressed out at their jobs. According to a survey conducted by Everest College, 83% of professionals are stressed[1]. Another report by Health Advocate shows, stress has a profoundly negative impact on worker productivity, up to $ 300 billion a year[2]. After becoming aware of the situation, business leaders try to reduce the stress of professionals. The concept of balancing work pressure and personal life is becoming important nowadays. There is no doubt that this concept will only become more popular in 2019.

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