Wambi Partners with buybuy BABY on Carepostcard and Compassionate Care Movement

“Wambi is pleased to announce its partnership with buybuy BABY® to raise awareness for its new affiliate, Carepostcard, LLC and the Compassionate Care Movement launched last month. Wambi and buybuy BABY share the notion that compassion is an integral part of the healthcare experience and believe in the power of gratitude, both expressed and received. The two entities have joined together to propel Wambi’s Carepostcard to reach millions through digital and print marketing campaigns and more.”

Carepostcard is a free digital platform that offers a public way to express gratitude for outstanding care providers. In turn, healthcare professionals receive and share online recognition and appreciation. Carepostcard also provides a unique search engine for prospective patients to search for and identify compassionate care nearby.

Wambi, invented and led by millennial women, delivers a real-time recognition and performance platform aimed at engaging the newest generation of healthcare employees. “At Wambi, our mission is to bring compassion to the forefront of healthcare,” explains Alex Coren, Wambi inventor and Co-founder. “Through the Wambi platform, we promote compassion within the walls of healthcare organizations, however in order to fully realize our mission, we had to ignite a Movement for the general public. That’s why we created Carepostcard.””

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