Embracing Healthcare Diversity Starts from the Top Down

“When asked what diversity in healthcare leadership means to her, Nurse Ameila Roberts of RN Solutions, writes: “Diversity in leadership means that organizations are truly open to innovative ideas. If people at the top all look the same, with similar backgrounds, similar education and the like, it is hard to think that said organization is open to something new.” Diversity in healthcare is about more than doing a job, every aspect of the business involves engaging and connecting with people; like any other business, if healthcare providers fail to connect with their clientele, it’s unlikely that they will have repeat customers.”

Healthcare companies should promote diversity as a means of embracing policies of inclusion and encouraging innovation. Mr. Johnathan Greenstein, CEO of Mercy Homecare and Medical Supply, believes that healthcare companies that fail to meet this criterion lack the stigma for disagreement. Mr. Greenstein states: “Out of disagreement, companies grow. You need different opinions, people of different gender identities, sexual orientations, religions and races in the medical field because each background offers insight to the way we care for our customers.”

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