WBENC SEP - Compassionate Healthcare with Wambi

“Alex Coren grew up spending a significant amount time in hospitals due to her parent’s chronic illness. When she was 21-years-old, she became the Director of Patient Experience in an in-patient setting, where she started to notice the large disconnect between patients and providers.”

"When I was working there, I realized that the patients and families felt like they lacked a voice in their care,” says Coren, a senior studying psychology and healthcare management at the University of Miami. “The second facet was that the providers were feeling unrecognized and unappreciated in their work, which was leading to a high turnover and ultimately a huge cost to the organization.”

Coren started looking for a solution to bridge the divide between patient and provider. When she couldn’t find a system suitable for the healthcare industry, she created Wambi.

“At Wambi, our mission is to bring compassion to the forefront of healthcare,” says Coren. “We’ve developed a care provider recognition system that’s entirely driven by real time patient satisfaction.”

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