Wambi Launches Carepostcard, a Digital Platform for Caregiver Recognition, as Part of Compassionate Care Movement

“This Compassion Day, Wambi, LLC announces the launch of its affiliate Carepostcard, LLC, an innovative way to spread gratitude in the healthcare community. Carepostcard is a free, user-friendly tool for patients and healthcare professionals to write and share electronic postcards of appreciation and for prospective patients to identify compassionate providers in their area.”

Wambi is dedicated to bringing compassion to the forefront of healthcare and offers a patient-driven employee recognition platform for healthcare organizations to achieve that mission. While working to improve patient satisfaction through engaging healthcare workers, members of Wambi’s leadership team realized that there was no effective way to publicly appreciate providers.

Alex Coren, Wambi Inventor and Co-founder, emphasizes the profound impact that gratitude, expressed and received, has on patient and caregiver experiences. “I view the world through a lens of compassion,” says Coren, of Miami, Florida. “Utilizing Wambi to drive cultural change, reduce caregiver turnover, and improve satisfaction is salient. However, in order to systemically effectuate change in healthcare, we needed to start a movement within our communities—the Compassionate Care Movement. Carepostcard is our vehicle to propel the Movement.”

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